Winner of 3M Welding Safety Award 2009

Use of PIMEX for risk assessment and for motivating both workers and employers is one of the main services offered by the Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE GmbH

The Kooperationsstelle Hamburg IFE GmbH was the first user of PIMEX in Germany and now has long standing experience in risk assessment using PIMEX in many workplaces. .

Currently it is possible to use PIMEX to measure:

1. Dangerous substances such as solvents, dust, fine and ultrafine particles such as toner or diesel exhaust
2. Noise, vibration and heat radiation
3. Light, air quality at work places (temperature, humidity, supply air and ventilation)
4. Body data: Heart beat, changes in heart rate, body temperature, breathing rate

We tailor our PIMEX analysis to the work situation and exposure. Our minimum service consists of the exposure measurements and production of the video with the raw measurement data (CD). On request, we can produce a condensed and adapted version for training and instruction. The PIMEX record of the work processes can be used for training purposes and/or for the statutory documentation of risk assessment.

Please download a sample PIMEX video from www.pimexservice.de under the rubric ‘PIMEX-films’.

Please downlaod a short description of PIMEX as one-page.pdf here (83 kB)