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FAQ: What equipment is required for the PIMEX-System?
Answer: Terear five componmetns necessary:
– a powerful notebook,
– the PIMEX-Software,
– a digital video camera,
– a datalogger and
– a direct reading instrument.

You can find a current list here.

FAQ: What instruments are connected with the PIMEX-system?
Answer: All direct reading instruments with analogical output can normally be connected.

FAQ: Do the measuring instruments have to be adapted?
Answer: Yes, they have to be adapted by the software developer and service supporter KOHS Kviecien Occupational Health Solutions.

FAQ: Are there any measuring instruments that have already been adapted?
Antwort: Yes, you can get a current list from KOHS Kviecien Occupational Health Solutions. You can find an up-to-date list of tested measuring instruments here..