PIMEX and the EU-VECTOR Project Video

Welding in a workshop
Sanding an automobile body panel

The film ‘Welding in a workshop’ (in German) shows how you can find the best position for exhaust ventilation in welding processes to give the worker the best possible protection. In this case a PIMEX- analysis is the key to reducing the worker’s exposure to welding fumes. (ca. 3 min, the speakers’ text is translated, see at the bottom of this page).

The film ‘Sanding an automobile body panel’ compares the dust exposure of workers related to two ways of working: with and without an integrated source capture dust extraction system. PIMEX clearly shows that he integrated exhaustion reduces the exposure for the coefficient 10.



More information about PIMEX you will find on this website or in a nutshell as PIMEX Info sheet
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